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BLOC will help you reach your full potential on the field.


off-season training sucks

when you’re going to the gym on your own instead of training with your team


not having a plan

leaves you wondering whether you’re doing the right things to get fitter and stronger for next season


getting injured

by following the wrong programme or training too hard in the off-season

You want to be stronger, faster, more powerful, and more agile so you can perform at your best on the field.

However, you may not have the time or the expertise to create a training programme that will help you achieve your goals.

it doesn’t have to be this way

BLOC is a comprehensive programme that will help you reach your full potential on the field.

Designed to be personalised to your individual needs and goals. It includes a variety of exercises and drills that will help you improve your strength, power, speed, and agility.

bloc phases

Phase 1:

aug to oct

12 weeks focusing on building foundational strength. with a focus on compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups.

phase 2:

oct to jan

12 weeks focusing on developing power with a focus on exercises that help you generate explosive force and power.

phase 3:

jan to apr

12 weeks focusing on maintaining strength and power whilst increasing speed and cardiovascular fitness.

BLOC is designed to be adaptable, so you can choose the number of sessions you perform per week based on your individual goals and needs.

BLOC also includes a variety of progressions and regressions, so you can adjust the difficulty of the exercises as you get stronger and more powerful.

bloc benefits

injury prevention

Strength training can help to strengthen and protect your muscles and joints, which can help to reduce the risk of injury. This is especially important in the off-season when you’re recovering from last season and your body are more susceptible to injury.

strength and power

BLOC will help you improve your explosive strength, which will allow you to make tackles, break tackles, and run through defenders with more power.

increased fitness

Rugby is an easier game when you’re fit. BLOC will help you improve your overall fitness, which will allow you to play for longer periods of time without getting tired.

choose your training option

follow your programme

see your game performance improve


Your most comprehensive option includes two or three weekly 1-hour training sessions each week with your coach.

This option is perfect for players serious about improving their strength and conditioning and getting the most out of their off-season training.


Enjoy training on your own?

Train is perfect for you.

You will receive a personalised training program that you can follow in our training app and get support from your coach.

If you are looking to improve your rugby performance, BLOC is the option for you.

BLOC is designed to help you reach your full potential and become the best rugby player you can be.




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