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Helping Busy Adults Lose Weight and Rediscover Confidence

Can you relate to this?


Tired of using lack of time as an excuse?


Struggling with motivation and fear of judgment?


Battling a false self-image and a lack of confidence?

If you’ve been nodding your head to any of these statements, then this may be the most helpful case study you’ll ever see.

Today you’ll discover a new proven way to lose weight and regain confidence.

It has nothing to do with constant high-intensity interval training, cardio for fat loss, or skinny teas and fat burners.

I was disgusted with myself every time I was in front of the mirror!

Hi, I’m Paul,

Health and Fitness Coach, Business Owner and lover of German Shepherds.

I help busy adults over 40 lose weight, regain strength and rebuild self-confidence.

But it wasn’t always like this.

As 2021 started, I was a shadow of myself.

I felt miserable, and helpless, avoiding my own reflection.

I was sick and tired of bad nutritional habits, rubbish stress management and even worse sleep patterns.

I felt ashamed and disappointed that I was not taking the advice I was giving to my clients!

I thought:

How the hell did I let myself get like this?

Conquering Anger, Fear, and Helplessness

The first thing I did was decide I needed to change.

I got a coach to keep me accountable with my nutrition and I set myself the goal of playing rugby again.

I told some close friends about my goals so they took on an element of reality.

Then I panicked!

What will happen when I fail?!

I’ll look stupid in front of my friends and clients for these silly goals

Thankfully, those feelings died out.

This victory inspired me to start researching the best methods of strength and conditioning training for adults over 40.

So I bought all the books, courses and coaching I  could get my hands on.

I trained daily. I read daily. I even started sleeping better thanks to what I found inside those resources.

But I wasted too much time and effort switching between different methods trying to find the best one.

From Struggle to Triumph


I started to get a taste of success.

But it wasn’t enough.

So I dialled in my consistency, doubled down on my efforts and put in the work.

I found the more consistent I was with the food I ate, the more weight I lost, the more effective my training was and the more successful I looked in the mirror.

But I craved for more.

I researched and tested everything.

As a result, I developed my own method.

This method got me from 120kgs and miserable to 103kgs and bursting with enthusiasm for life in 12 months – without starving myself or living like a monk.

And in 2022, I played senior rugby at the ripe old age of 47 years old!

Breaking Fitness Myths

Most programmes don’t get you results because:

They only work when the perfect conditions exist.

Let me explain:

Most programmes are crafted with the assumption that everything will align perfectly for the individual using them.

This includes factors like time, ideal access to the gym, and a specific level of pre-existing fitness and experience.

But that’s just the surface level.

Remember: most health and fitness programmes only work under perfect conditions.

Screw that.

There’s a better way.

You’ll be glad to know that…

Today you have the opportunity to access my Re-Ignite Training Programme.

The Re-Ignite Programme Gives You Everything You Need To Achieve Your Health And Fitness Goals.


Personal Training in your pocket

Daily warmups, training, conditioning, and cooldowns so you’re no longer guessing what to do in your training each day!

Individualised Nutrition Focus

Making meaningful long-term changes to your health starts with your nutrition. Our habit-based nutrition focus will have you reaping the rewards for months to come.

Delivered Through Trainerize

I’ve partnered with the best tech in training so that you get the online training experience that you deserve: a world-class one!

Fun and Supportive Environment

We know changing your habits is a challenge so we’ve created a supportive, fun and caring environment so improving your health and fitness is fun as well as fast!

A Done For You Approach

We know your life takes a lot from you so we do all the preparation and planning for you. All you have to do is turn up, prep your gear and get going.

Education to help you in the future

The aim of the re-ignite programme is to equip you with the skill and knowledge to move better, live longer and be happier.

best nutrition coaching in lower hutt
Best nutrition coaching in lower hutt

P.S. In Case You’ve Skipped Ahead

The Re-Ignite Programme is a unique system that uses proven methods to help you lose weight and regain confidence without starving yourself of the foods you love.

It works. And it works well.

So take action today.


Tailored Workouts

Nutrition Guidance

Flexibility on Your Terms

Expert Guidance

Tap into the future of fitness with Re-Ignite On Demand – where your goals, your pace, and your success take centre stage.
Re-Ignite your transformation now!

1-1 Re-Ignite Personal Coaching

Exclusive Guidance.

Customised Progression.

Personalised Nutrition.

Accountability and Motivation.

Master Your Fitness.

Ignite your personal fitness revolution with 1-1 Re-Ignite Personal Coaching.
Unleash your full potential and achieve the results you’ve always envisioned.




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