You know the story.

You head to the local gym, check out the equipment, have a quick chat and sign up to super good deal on a 24 month contract. You’re motivated to make a change and smash your training goals.

The next two years are going to see you charge hard.

Then, two weeks /four weeks/6 weeks later, you find yourself aimlessly wandering around, waiting for equipment, watching someone get curls on in the squat rack with little or no guidance or advice to help you pick up the pace and achieve your goals.

How many of you have found yourself in this position?

I know I have, not making the most of my membership, not making the most of my training, having to find the best time (which is often the worst time) to get in when the gear I want to use is free.

So how do you know if your membership is failing you?

See how many of the following you can tick off and compare them to what you get with your current gym membership.

– A clean, fun, friendly, professional training environment

– Coaching every time you train

– One on One personal training sessions to ensure you are confident in the basic movements

– Small group classes to give motivation and guarantee the quality of experience

– Personal training options to perfect your skills and fitness levels

– Infinitely adjustable workouts to match your current fitness/strength levels

– A program you don’t have to plan yourself

– Qualified, experienced coaches

– Long term, meaningful nutritional coaching

– No joining fees

– Workouts you can track to see your improvements

– Friendly people you actually want to train with

– Regular social events

– Coaches who care and check in on you if you miss a few days

If you’ve been able to tick off all of the above, congratulations, as you’re getting the best out of your membership.

If you haven’t, then what exactly are you paying for???

To come and see what the best value for your hard-earned cash looks like, click here to arrange a FREE 30min No Sweat Intro today.

Cheers Coach Paul




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