So You’re looking for CrossFit Gyms In The Hutt?


You’ve had just about enough of your workmate’s stories, that guy or girl who’s had an exercise epiphany and now can’t stop telling you about it! The only way you can get any peace is to say “I’m looking for CrossFit Gyms In The Hutt and I’m getting started this week”!

 Now, we’re having a little fun with the above, so hear’s the serious bit.

Here are our top tips for deciphering your Google search “CrossFit Gyms in The Hutt”!


Don’t let cost and distance influence your decision.

Our natural instincts are to look for the cheapest and the closest. Think about your favourite coffee place. You’d go out of your way and pay a little extra if you love their brew. CrossFit gyms are the same.

Feeling safe and happy is an integral part of any successful habit or to you. Find a gym with coaches you click with and clients who are like you

Give a few a try before you buy. You’d test drive a car before you buy it, so see if you can arrange a time for a chat with a coach.

The best gyms won’t throw you straight into a class. They’ll sit down with you and figure out if they can help you first.

There’ll be gyms happy to sell you access, and there’ll be gyms who specialise in accountability, coaching and support.

Whether it’s your first taste of CrossFit, or whether you’re transferring from another gym, we treat all new clients with the same level of care.

At CFHV, we focus on creating an intimate, rather than a transactional, relationship, so we always start with 1-1 personal coaching.

If you to achieve your goals and have the progress stick, always look for a CrossFit gym that provides 1-on-1 personal training services.


Did they listen to Me?

That’s right! Did they hear what I said to them, or did they just smile and say sure, jump straight into class?

Your success will be directly linked to the gyms that hear your wants, needs and desires and create a plan to help you achieve them.

The worlds best businesses are focused on their client’s results, and we’re just the same.

The worlds worst businesses are numbers focused and will do whatever it takes to get you to sign on the dotted line. Beware the deal that sounds too good to be true!

Our service always begins with your goals and aspirations.

We call ours a No Sweat Intro and that’s exactly what it is. No crazy workouts with people you don’t yet know.

The ‘get this service anywhere’ gyms will tell you how much weight they’re going to, how much weight they’re going to help you lose, and how quick you’re going to do it in.

The businesses invested in your long term success will ask you WHY? Why is what you want to achieve important to you?

Has your Doc told you its time to get your act together, or do you look at your children and wonder if you’ll see theirs grow up.

Whatever your WHY, it is what will get you out of bed at 0500 in the am, or to the end of the day without eating rubbish.

If you don’t feel confident that the gym you’re about to entrust your health and wellbeing to doesn’t understand your WHY, you’ll be on a road to failure.

Your WHY deserves a gym that appreciates and understands its importance to you.

Are they going to help with the most important part – Nutrition

Your goals are going to be directly related or influenced by what, how much and when you eat.

That’s why for us, premium CrossFit gyms offer Nutrition Coaching, Support and Accountability.

I’ll let you in on a secret most gyms don’t want you to know, the exercise is the easy bit.

Nutrition is where your long term health and wellness success lays.

If you want to improve your health, as much as your fitness, Nutrition will be where we start.

If a client comes to us with a need to achieve a goal quickly, the barbell or the rower is not our first port of call.

Our biometric testing equipment and our nutrition programme are the most powerful tools we employ.

Sure, we’ll have you sweating soon enough, but helping you understand your personal nutrition requirements are crucial to your success.

If you want the fastest route to results you need nutrition as well.


Are you really looking for group training?

For most of us, training on our own is the norm. Just as is not really knowing whether what we’re doing is going to work, or whether we’re doing things right.

Then we see a group of smiling, sweaty faces and think, that’s what I need.

So you search group training thinking it will be the answer.

If you are new to CrossFit, or to group training in general, we always advise starting in a 1-1 training relationship.

For the vast majority of us, jumping straight into group training is not the answer.

The gyms that start with personal training are going to offer the best starting point for your long term success.

The ones that help you move forward with a mix of Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching and Group Fitness are going to deliver you long term health and wellness results.


To schedule your No Sweat Consultation, click here to arrange a time that works best for you.




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