If you used to do CrossFit but stopped, I’d like to invite you to come back.

I know working out is challenging. It’s difficult to find time and motivation.

Life is busy, and it’s easier to crack a cold one on the couch than work out.

I do it sometimes, and I own a gym. I also know the workouts are hard, and if I’m being honest, I might as well tell you they never get easier.

But never mind that.

Sometimes medicine burns. CrossFit trainers in your town or city want another chance to work with you, and we’re certain we can make your life better. We won’t judge you for stopping. Not at all. We know it’s very tough to break old habits and create new ones. We just want another shot at helping you.

Do us a favour: Ask yourself why you stopped coming, then tell the owner of the gym you were at. If the gym fell short in some way, be specific. Good business owners want to know what they can do better. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, and we’ll act on it. If a certain gym just didn’t feel right, try another.

Each of our affiliates has its own approach, and I know you’ll find a gym that’s right for you. Visit a bunch. Trust me: You’ll know when you find the right one. If the issue was on your end, the owner will want to know what you need to find success this time around.

Don’t be shy.

Tell him or her. Be honest and direct. “I get scared when I see the workout on the website.” “I don’t know anyone.” “I’m too shy to ask questions.” “I can’t do any of the workouts as prescribed.” “I’m embarrassed because I feel like everyone is looking at me.”

Let it out and ask for help. You’ll get it.

As CrossFit trainers, we see unbelievable changes regularly. We’ve seen elderly people become fitter than they were at 40. We’ve seen huge amounts of fat vanish. We’ve seen dramatic, measurable improvements in strength and conditioning. We’ve seen reductions in disease symptoms.

We’ve seen improved self-confidence. We’ve seen lots and lots of smiles, too. We know without a doubt that the CrossFit program can help you. But we don’t know exactly how to help you get to the gym. If you don’t tell us, we’re going to guess.

Our gyms have all kinds of creative systems to prevent clients from quitting a life-changing program, and CrossFit trainers do their best to engage every client and supply extra motivation to those who need it. I’ve heard of coaches who show up at members’ houses, coaches who send letters online or by post, coaches who create programs that can be done anywhere, coaches who assign workout buddies, and so on. But we can do better. We can be more specific if you tell us exactly what you need.

Our trainers are ready to inspire you. Tell them what you need to thrive, and you’ll get it. (Jared Blais) So try this: Make an appointment to talk to a CrossFit coach. Not an appointment to work out. Tell the coach about your goals and why you have trouble getting to the gym.

Ask the coach how he or she can help you get past your challenges. Maybe you need personal training instead of group classes—or vice versa. Maybe you need nutrition counselling. Maybe you need to be introduced to five members who will text you to let you know they’re heading to the gym.

Maybe you need a program with a few workouts you can do at home after the kids are in bed. You get the idea. CrossFit trainers will help you solve your problems. You are most definitely not on your own—unless you choose to be on your own.

But don’t.

If you want to be healthier, click one of these links: It will probably take about 15 minutes to talk everything out with a trainer, and suddenly you’ll be on track again—with a long-term plan and backup. Do it today: Contact one of our CrossFit trainers today and tell him or her what you need. We want to help, and we’re waiting for your call.


About the Author: Mike Warkentin is the managing editor of the CrossFit Journal and the founder of CrossFit 204.




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