We all know the story.

You head to the local gym, check out the equipment, have a quick chat and sign up to super value deal on a 24-month contract. They’re even generous enough to waive the $99.99 joining fee, but only because you signed up today!

You’re motivated to make a change and smash your training goals. The next two years are going to see you charge hard, making life-changing improvements to your health and fitness.

Then, when the initial excitement wears off, you find yourself frustrated. You can’t train when you want to because the place is too busy, and when you do manage to get in there, you wander aimlessly, unsure what the best thing is to do today, and you receive little or no advice to help you pick up the pace and achieve your goals.

How many of you have found yourself in this position?

I know I have. I’ve had memberships at university when travelling, and until I started at the gym I now own, I’d been a member at 4 different gyms, all with the same outcome. I spent plenty of money and the gyms only purpose was to take that money and not give a damn about what I received in return. I even bought a membership from a friend who I played rugby with. He assured me there was no contract involved, yet when I realised I wasn’t getting much value and wanted to cancel, the spectre of a 24-month term popped up.

So how do you know if your membership is failing you?

See how many of the following you can tick off and compare them to what you get with your current gym membership:

– A clean, fun, friendly, professional training environment

– Coaching every time you train

– One on One personal training sessions to ensure you are confident in the basic movements

– Small group classes to give motivation and guarantee the quality of experience

– Personal training options to perfect your skills and fitness levels

– Infinitely adjustable workouts to match your current fitness/strength levels

– A program you don’t have to plan yourself

– Qualified, experienced coaches who care about You

– Long term, meaningful nutritional coaching

– No joining fees

– Workouts you can track to see your improvements

– Friendly people you actually want to train with

– Regular social events

If you’re already experiencing all of the above, congratulations, as you’re well on your way to avoiding being just another gym-going statistic. If you haven’t, then you’re closing in on that very title. Soon, no matter how string your work ethic, commitment to training or resilience to your current environment is, you’re edging ever closer to becoming another statistic.

We don’t want that!

We want you to have a good great impression of the health and fitness industry. We don’t want you to think it is all false promises and insta get fit/lose fat quick schemes. We want you to see it’s full of hard-working, well-meaning, professionals, who are invested in you achieving your goals.

To come and see what the best value for your hard-earned cash looks like, click here to arrange a FREE No Sweat Intro today.





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