A common excuse for not eating healthy food is the preconceived idea that it is much more expensive than the average diet.

The answer is simple really, yes…. and no.

I’ll expand a little.

If your average daily food intake looks a little like this:

A bowl of cocoa pops for breakfast,

a $2 pie for lunch,

$3 frozen pizza for dinner,

then, of course, you can argue that eating healthy is expensive when kumara costs somewhere around $7.99 a kilo.

But I can almost 100% guarantee if you’re eating that kind of shitty diet daily, you’re on your way to being morbidly obese, and you have some serious health issues.

On the other hand, if you buy your lunch at work every day, and have takeaways for dinner, supplement that with a couple of cans or bottles of energy drink for the breakfast and mid-afternoon pick me up’s, maybe some chocolate as a snack, then you’re looking at upwards of $30 a day, or $210 a week on some pretty unhealthy food choices.

Don’t get me wrong, eating healthy can be expensive too!

If you choose to have all your meals pre-made and delivered to you weekly by one of the many providers out there, it can be $12-15 per meal.

My point is, there are extremes on both sides. Most of you bothering to read this won’t be living out any of those scenarios, you’ll be somewhere in the middle.

There are days or meals when you choose to eat some not so healthy stuff and others where you eat really well.

I thought I’d try and give you a rough idea of how much I’m spending.

As a family (2 adults and a toddler) we usually spend about $150 a week on groceries, which is probably pretty average, though that includes household stuff.

Food-wise for me personally it looks like this:

Breakfast – usually overnight oats with a little extra protein. approx cost per serve $2.50

Lunch/dinner – usually a lean protein and veggies, approx cost per serving $4.50

Snacks x3 – approx cost per serve – $1.20

So when you add those all together, it’s just over $15 per day or the cost of a large combo at KFC. I know what I’d prefer to be eating every day.

Cheers Shaun




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