I wrote this post some time ago, but as we now move towards the hunting season for the fitness industry – the ever-fertile xmas/new years period where we’re enticed in with ‘train for free until 2018’, it seemed perfect for a re-run.

Lululemon makes some beautiful gear. Gear that a large number of our members love, which by default, means we love Lululemon.

Our love for brands like Lululemon doesn’t stop there though. We also love them, among a few other choice businesses like Inspector Tech and Shift Fascial Therapy because of the way they do business – they don’t discount. We don’t discount. Lunacy I hear you say.

It’s the way of the world, cheap prices = demand = profit!

That may be the case for retail-based entities like The Warehouse or Starbucks, but if that’s the case, why do you get your workout gear from Lululemon, or your coffee from one of the many independent cafes around the region?! You do so because you know they provide a quality product, one that doesn’t cater to all, and one which you are prepared to pay a little extra for.

We’re exactly the same.

We provide a quality product, specifically designed and delivered to achieve optimal results in health and well-being.

We do so because our business model sees us providing high quality to small numbers of clients, along with a meaningful career for our coaches.

One that allows them a living wage. We don’t sell things you don’t need or offer an endless number of different training methods aimed at revenue generation rather than client satisfaction.

We don’t offer fads or the next best thing, (CrossFit has been in force for 16 years, just in case you were poised over the keyboard).

We know our products aren’t for everyone, but in the words of Benjamin Franklin: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”


Coach Paul Proud Owner and Head Coach @ “The Friendly Gym” CrossFit Hutt Valley.


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