HV Teens is proudly powered by The Brand X Method, a comprehensive, next-generation fitness framework designed to deliver physical literacy over the life course, preventing injuries, improving sports performance, and keeping you active and engaged for a lifetime. The Brand X Method is is a living strength-and-conditioning framework intended to evolve philosophically and methodologically to always deliver state-of-the-art training.

Is It Like An Adult Gym?

NOT AT ALL. – Our program is specifically designed for growing teens. – We focus on physical literacy, giving teens a broad and useful set of movement skills to use in all areas of life.

How Do We Do It?

HV Teens combines the elements of – Gymnastics and body weight exercises – Cardiovascular bursts such as running, skipping and jumping – Conditioning work with slam ball, kettlebells and much more. – Games, circuits and skill development.

Building A Healthy, Active Lifestyle.

We strive to build an active lifestyle at a young age and we ensure that all teens, regardless of their fitness level, are part of the class.

Making Fitness Fun

All classes scaled to meet the age/skill/fitness levels of the individual teen. By making fitness fun teens, we ensure we build healthy habits for life. If this sounds like you, click HERE to book your spot!




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