When I was a kid, I bought a tennis racket because I’d seen Ivan Lendl playing at Wimbledon on the tv.

I’d never been taught how to play tennis, nor did I have any real interest in the game, but it was popular and all my friends were off to the concrete courts at school.

Once that fad passed, I bought a snooker cue because I’d seen Steve Davis getting his pot on at the Embassy World Snooker Champs.

The story of my fad buying of sports gear doesn’t stop there. Squash racquets, snorkels, and wetsuits. There’s a pretty comprehensive list of kit I bought at one time or another on a whim, or because it was fashionable at the time.

The recurring theme here was that, having this equipment at no point guaranteed that I would use it, or play the sport it related to.

Fitness equipment and gym memberships especially are exactly the same.

Access to fitness equipment does not guarantee fitness.

The odds are that some of you reading this will have purchased a rowing machine or treadmill, Bowflex or vibratrainer at some point.  The very same equipment that now gathers dust, or doubles as a replacement clothes horse.

We love promise the ads that tout these wonder machines offer.

“Drop 20kgs in 30 days”

“Get a 6 pack in 10 day”

“Throw all your other gear away”

My history with gym memberships in the past has been exactly the same. I’d buy a membership, get stuck in a 12-month contract, and say to myself, I’ll go tomorrow.

Now, you’ll be seeing ‘train free until 2018’ or ‘buy 12 months for the price of 9’ deals, all focused on taking advantage of the same factors that saw you buy that Pilates or P90x DVD.

These will probably be the same deals you bought last year, or your friend bought the year before. I know, because I’ve done the same.

And yet, you still haven’t achieved your 2015 fitness goals.


Because the above offer access, but not accountability.

They offer the promise of success without the structure to get there.

If they did, you’d have already achieved it.

So, don’t make the same mistakes I have. Set yourself a few goals before you go shopping for your next fitness purchase.

Be smart about what you sign up to, ask some questions and see if the answers you get will help you achieve your goals.

Access to fitness equipement does not guarantee fitness






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