In the words of one of my childhood heroes, Colonel Hannibal Smith, “I love it when a plan comes together”!

That’s not always the case though when it comes to nutrition programs, and many of us see our best efforts fail.

In our instant gratification society, of poor self-discipline and pictures on the gram of doughnuts; it’s no wonder many people we talk to say nutrition is their main reason for not reaching their health and fitness goals.

That’s not to say there are not a myriad of successful programs available.

Success, and choosing the right program, however, depends on YOUR goals, rather than the person telling you how great the program they are following happens to be.

And not your friend telling you that you should try what they are doing.

There are many factors at play, from your sex, stress levels, sleep and hormonal patterns to your activity levels and genetics.


There’s no one size fits all plan when it comes to nutrition

Are your goals focused on fat loss, getting bigger or stronger, or are they focused on athletic/sports performance?

If a programme works for you, fantastic!

It doesn’t mean that it’s the right program for everyone.

Different horses for different courses.


Now for the tough part!

Just because your buff friend posts pictures of doughnuts, hot chips and pineapple lumps doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you.

What they don’t do, and rarely anyone does, is post or talk about are the cups of broccoli and grilled chicken breast they had for dinner.

Social media doesn’t want to hear about consistency and other non-sexy prerequisites of getting healthy.


4 key reasons for failure to adhere to nutrition plans

The Plan

The plan they choose is not sustainable over the long term.

For many, nutrition plans mean suffering and hardship, not long term enjoyment and fulfilment.

Too much hardship and the change is doomed to fail from the start.

Conversely, too easy and self-control will inevitably mean excess calories are consumed.

Remember, it’s not the program that works.

It’s you being consistent in doing all the little, not sexy, not Instagram post-worthy shit, every day!


Conning yourself that it’s OK to blow out on the weekend.

Eating healthy 5 days a week, then consuming aisle 4 on the weekend, or drinking the local bar dry because you ate chickpea salad 5 times in the past week, will lead to failure.

I mean, who knew, right!


Patience, Patience, Patience

It’s that important that it’s worthy of sitting there on its own for a minute or two.

Patience is the greatest weakness of many people in the modern, insta world we live in.

Someone on a crappy TV ad, or insta post tells us they lost a million kilos in 10 seconds flat, and we want in, like RIGHT NOW!!!!

Whatever position you find yourself in, it didn’t happen overnight; and neither will the changes you’re desperate to see.

It’ll take a little trial and error, more than likely including a change in mindset, but by finding what works, and then committing to it over an extended period of time, you’ll see the changes you desire.



They have no idea what they are doing.

This kind of person takes all the hearsay from each person they know and then puts all the info in a box, wraps it in a bow and follows it all.

At the same time!

We’re only a couple of weeks away from being able to get our hands on the latest offerings from Apple.

Now compare the amount of time and effort you apply to research your next cell phone, against the amount of time and effort you put into researching what you eat!


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