Following on from your No Sweat Intro, we look at our Prep Course.

Demystifying Fitness

Our Prep Course is where you’ll get one-on-one attention to ensure you start off on the correct path.

During the month-long course, you will get:

– Five one-on-one sessions with one of our coaches

– Nutrition Consultation and One Month Plan

– Group Classes

Working through the five 30 minute sessions, you will be introduced to basic movements of Fitness including:

Squat (back, overhead, and front)


Hang power clean

Hang power snatch


Bodyweight movements

The emphasis of these sessions is technique and introducing the intense (but fun) nature of our Small Group Fitness methodology.

These one-on-one sessions will allow you to integrate EASILY and SAFELY into our regular Small Group Fitness classes.

The sessions are scheduled at a time convenient to you.

Once you’ve completed our Prep Course, we’ll have a chat about which option is next that best suits your requirements.

If group classes are the best option, you’ll be able to attend three classes a week for two weeks.

If personal training is your preferred option, we’ll arrange to continue with these sessions at a time suits you best.

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