There are two things we really love at CrossFit Hutt Valley – Pushing Tin (aka weightlifting) and Free Stuff!


Pushing Tin

We incorporate weightlifting into our CrossFit program on a regular basis, and we do our best to give away as much as possible, as frequently as possible…which is what made this discovery a little sweeter, but a little preamble first!

Sean Waxman, of Waxman’s Gym fame, was one of the top weightlifters in the US in the late 90’s and has gone on to be one of the top coaches in the US, if not the world.

Since opening Waxman’s Gym in 2010, Sean has developed more than a dozen national-level weightlifters including six national medalists, one national champion, a Pan Am Championship team member, a World Championship team qualifier, and has coached top CrossFit Regionals and Games athletes. Source – Waxman’s Gym.

Where’s the free stuff already?


It was with great pleasure that I saw the other day, that Waxman’s Gym had released a FREE Weightlifting Ratio Calculator! Pushing Tin 1 Easy to use and simple to understand, this calculator allows budding lifters to enter a selection of lifting totals, and calculates  and “evaluate a lifter’s balance.” Pushing Tin 2 The beauty of this tool is that it allows a lifter to critique good and, most importantly, weak areas of focus. Waxman’s calculator also provides some feedback as how to address these issues. A great tool for all levels of lifter! Punch some numbers in and see how you fare, where you are strong, and where you need to focus on. Let us know how you go!






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