Something is better than nothing.

It really is. That’s not to say you should give yourself an excuse to do the bare minimum, not at all.

But also, you’ve got to start somewhere!

Every year, in CrossFit gyms around the world, we do the CrossFit open.

It’s a competitive event that we use to test our fitness as a worldwide community.

Well, this year, I do not like the results of my test. I’m not in the kind of shape I want to be in right now.

There’s plenty of reasons (see EXCUSES!!!!) for my subpar personal fitness, but what it boils down to is that I have not prioritised fitness like I normally do, recently.

Now, this may sound strange coming from me. I mean, I own a gym after all! I should be working out all day right?

Somehow it doesn’t work out like that. So today my day started off with something, I came to work and trained in the 0545 class.

I checked the box for doing something. Do I like training/getting up early morning, NO!

Do I know that you doing so, I’m on the board for the day, and still have 8-10 hours ahead of me to get actual work done,

YES! Have you been sitting on the sidelines? Letting your reasons (see above for true definition of “reasons”) get in your way?

Don’t sweat it too much, but check the box today.

Do SOMETHING about it.

Have a great week! Paul




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