Teens Were Born To Move

Lockdown has been tough on us, both young and old.

A recent study by SportNZ shows Teens participant in exercise and recreation down an average of 90 minutes a week.

Restrictions on schools, a reduction in the supply of PE and organised sports, as well as being isolated from friends means our young people have suffered.


Ignite Teens Can Help

Here are just a few of the reasons we feel our IgniteTeens program is the perfect fit for your teenager:



OUR PRIMARY AIM – IT’S FUN We take great pride in providing a fun environment for our members to get their sweat on. We’ll test you, challenge you and encourage you to express yourself all the while making you laugh and enjoy the fact you’re working out. Our movements and workouts are constantly varied, something that you may not be able to experience at a regular gym.



At Ignite, we promote being in shape and being ready for the unknowable. Ignite Teens follows a very specific structure, using a qualified coach, to ensure that each member of our Teens family develops at their pace. Our workouts vary, from of gymnastics work to Olympic lifting and everything in between. We focus on what we know works and what keeps your entire body in shape.


Personal Development

To develop friendships and relationships skills important to the future. When joining Ignite, you don’t think about this aspect, that the people here will become part of your life. Our people know and share in our vision that our community is as important as the workout we’ve all just completed. This helps to develop a more rounded individual.


Health Benefits

For long term health benefits. Starting with Ignite as a teen, you are training your brain to enjoy fitness and the associated health benefits. These values will stay with you as you age. Our members understand the need for balanced nutritional intake and a healthy relationship with food. By learning the importance of this, you are also promoting good, long term health for yourself.



It’s the sport for teens who don’t like sport. Not all kids find their calling playing rugby, netball or another traditional individual/team sports. There are competitions, in our gym, nationwide and even internationally, culminating in the CrossFit Games, where teens from around the world get to compete against each other for the title, Fittest Teen in the World!


Mental Toughness

Developing a “can do” mindset. Life is full of “I can’t moments”. Being coached, surrounding yourself with people focused on the “I can” moments, means you start breaking down invisible barriers and overcoming obstacles. Even in your everyday life, you see yourself having more of an “I can” attitude.


Our 6-week Ignite Teens programme starts on 13th October at 1630 and is perfect for 13-17-year-olds.


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