The 1 Thing You Can Do Today to Start Losing Weight!

Eat when you feel hungry and stop when you feel satisfied.

That’s it!

Sounds easy right?

Well, as you probably already know, it isn’t.

Our modern-day lifestyle doesn’t make it easy to do.

More is nearly always available.

Saying no is hard to do.

So, what can you do get this working for you?

6 Top Tips To Get You Started

Drink More Water! 

When you start to feel hungry- drink 250mls of water, give it 10-15 minutes and then see if you still feel hungry.

Make It Whole.

If you decide you are hungry, don’t just grab some cereal or chocolate. Put together a snack or meal made up of whole foods. Vegetables, fruits, healthy carbs, lean protein, and healthy fat can all be used to get your hunger in check.

Take Your Time!

Put down your phone, turn off your monitor or tv and focus on your meal or snack. Take some time to eat, not just ram your food down your neck and race on to the next thing. Be mindful of the benefits you’re getting from enjoying your healthy meal or snack.

Enjoy Your Food.

Chances are, if you’re focusing on your health and fitness goals, that you made the food you’re eating, so enjoy it. Do the flavours work? Does the combination of ingredients do it for you? Did you cook the food for just the right amount of time? Take your time, savour your food, smell it, taste it, chew slowly.

Be Social.

As a family, we used to eat our evening meal together. We laughed and joked, caught up with each other’s day and what we were doing for the next. Have a conversation with family or friends- but bin the TV, and don’t talk with your mouth full!

Most Importantly, Pay Attention! 

Listen to your body.

If you’re halfway through a meal and you feel stuffed, STOP EATING!

Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to finish it.

Speeding up to get the last few mouthfuls in, or sighing at the thought of scoffing down more food, are signs that you’re already satisfied.

If you are not already doing this, it will take a little time to understand your body, and the signs it gives off when you are hungry or satisfied.

As we prescribe all the time, be patient and consistent.

Work towards gaining a greater understanding of yourself, your hunger and satiation signals.

Enjoy the process of changing your mindset towards moderation.

You’ll thank yourself for it!

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