The Ignite Story – 8 years in the making


This year, we celebrate multiple big events. A re-brand, a move of location, and an anniversary 8 years of helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

These events are more interwoven than you would first think.

Neither could happen without the other, to get to one, we have had to navigate through the others.

The end goals, our re-brand from CrossFit Hutt Valley to Ignite Fitness and Nutrition and our move from 35 Wakefield Street to 46 Victoria Street, are built out of our experiences as a business over the last 8 years.

Over the last 8 years, we’re had the privilege of working with hundreds of different people, and seeing them achieve all manner of successes. We’ve had the benefit working with a number of coaches to get to where we are today.

Through these experiences, we’ve been able to identify our key values 


These values are the basis of our mission at Ignite:


  • Doing the right thing instead of what you want to do
  • Treating others as you would like to be treated
  • Looking out for those you care about.

Over the last eight years, we’ve learned about ourselves as a business, and as coaches.

More importantly, we’ve learned about our clients, what they need and want from us, and how much their success means to them.


Patience and Consistency 

We’ve learned that the benefits of patience and consistency easily outweigh the grip it and rip it approach. Planning for the achievements of the next decade is much more important than those of the next week.

Coaching not Access

That providing coaching will always win out over selling access, no matter what the price difference is. Access to fitness equipment doesn’t guarantee fitness, and that having the accountability of a coach makes a huge difference in achieving success.

Exercise is the easy bit

Most of us will have experienced a less than favourable relationship with health and fitness. 

Whether it be poor advice from an inexperienced coach, or pyramid scheme disguised as a meal replacement shake, most of us have been burned by the industry at one time or another.

That exercise is the easy bit, and creating an environment where you can feel safe and supported is the real challenge.

The Ignite Founders Club – Updated!

We’re super excited to share with you our formal re-opening on the 1st August, 2020. To celebrate our re-brand, and move to our new home, we’re putting together a strictly limited number of Ignite Founders Club memberships.

To get your spot in the Ignite Founders Click, and over $200 in extra’s, click here






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