The right way to get started with Nutrition Coaching

If you’re anything like me, you’ve most likely subjected yourself to any number of fad or fashionable diets.

Atkins, Weightwatchers, Slimfast, Southbeach, high carb low fat, high fat low carb, high protein low carb.

The list is nigh on endless!

Couple this with high budget slick marketing campaigns and extravagant claims of success peddled by Z list celebrities all focused on targeting your vulnerabilities makes for a messy situation.

Desperate to see change.
Overwhelmed by choice.
Frozen with overwhelm.

In addition, as we rotate around the sun more and more times in our life (aka “get older” – rotate just sounds better) we experience the lovely changes that come with age like slowed metabolism, postpartum bodies, hormone changes, job stress – the list goes on.

Type in the words “best diet” in Google and you’ll get 680 million hits.

Where would one even start with something like that??


The right way to get started

At Ignite Fitness and Nutrition, we believe that something as fundamental as nutrition doesn’t need to be overly complicated.

We believe that focusing on your habits and reinforcing your successes are the building blocks to long term happiness.

We believe that changes to your body are best done at a rate that is sustainable and realistic.

Quick fix fad diets and supplements are short term (and often drastic) solutions that provide instant (and only potential) results.

80% of people who lose weight in this manner WILL gain the weight back – often plus some.


So, how do we create permanent change?

With a Nutrition Coach, you’ve got a pretty good chance.

1.) We sit down and listen to you first. Every nutrition client starts with a one-on-one kickstart consultation.

2.) We together decide on realistic and actionable steps that fit your lifestyle, preferences and desires.

3.) We keep it simple and build off SMALL changes one at a time to gradually reach successful outcomes.

4.) We track results closely. We sit down with you to review your progress and to make changes where necessary to keep you dialled in for success.

Read more about the steps to nutrition success here


Let’s get the ball rolling today.

Book your appt with us and we can come up with a game plan. Best part? Your first session with us is FREE!

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Yours in Health & Fitness,

-Coach Deb
Nutrition Coach




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