I first wrote the basis of this post 3 years ago.

Re-reading it today made me think that, whilst our brand name may have changed, and some of our audience may have changed, the message behind this post remains the same.

As does the reasoning for writing it three years ago.

In fact, the need to repost this has only gotten stronger.

Fake News

Forget about elections, the biggest source of fake news on my Instagram or Facebook feed is the health and fitness industry.

There seems to be a never-ending conveyor belt of false claims, fake solutions or just grifters looking to take money out of your pocket without delivering the falsely promised success you paid for.

Now, I will apologise here, because this post was purposefully titled in a way to get you to read more. 

I know you want quick solutions, fast fixes and ready-made success.

I also know, that you know, that this isn’t how fat loss works.

To lose fat, and to keep it off, requires a long term approach to changing your behavioural patterns.


The three tips below are simple steps you can take to doing that today:


1. Get Your Breakfast In Check.

Nothing, not the world’s greatest workout, the world’s longest run or swim is going to help you out-train terrible nutritional intake.

First, get Breakfast to the top of your priority list. By the time you wake, on average you’ll have been without food for anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. Ditching breakfast isn’t going to stall your metabolism, nor is it going to mean that as your body starts to protect itself by conserving fat stores for later use. 

The reason we suggest you should eat breakfast is to protect you from poor decisions when you do become hungry later that day

When morning tea rolls around and you’re now starving, the pour some sauce on your arm and it would be in real trouble kind of hungry.

This is where we make some shocking choices based on all kinds of flawed, hungry person, driven logic.

So, have a source of quality food readily available at breakfast time, even something as simple as yoghurt and granola (try The Collective Straight Up Yogurt with Chantal Ginger Zest Granola.

It will keep your hunger in check and help you make better nutritional choices as the day progresses.


2. Get Your Sleep Sorted

Second, on the list is getting your sleep in order. For many, this can be as arduous as a 10k run or 1000 burpees.

Numerous studies have shown that our ability to make good, or bad, nutritional choices can be directly related to the amount of sleep we have.

Here are some handy tips for increasing your sleep driven, fat-burning success:

– Get off your phone/Ipad/Laptop etc…. Putting your phone away an hour before you get ready for bed can help enormously with prompting better quality sleep

– Clear Your Brain – Writing down your thoughts or tomorrows to-do list helps us to relax into better quality sleep. Keep a notepad by the side of your bed and empty all your thoughts on to paper before getting your head down

– Listen to your body. If its 9 pm and you can barely keep your eyes open, that’s your body’s way of telling you to get to bed. Fighting through this without good reason will mean problems later when you try to get your head down.


3. Relax!

Putting a heap of pressure on yourself to lose weight, get healthy, become sexier can be tiresome in the extreme.

Adding a big dollop of stress to our lives increases our desire to eat comfort food, stay up late, or self-medicate with substances like alcohol.

Instead, accept that the change you’re looking to make is likely to take a while to show the signs of success.

Take time to celebrate the changes you’ve made and the great new habits you’ve created.

The greatest way to fuel your motivation is with the success of your actions.

Remember, Success = Motivation!


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