What’s the hardest part of getting fit?


Fear is the hardest apart of getting fit.

Fear of not being able to do it.

Fear of it being too hard.

Fear of not fitting in.

Fear of the unknown

Fear of failure.

Fear is the biggest single reason people don’t achieve their fitness goals. Hell, fear is the biggest single reason people don’t achieve full stop!

I should know. As a small business owner, fear is the single biggest challenge I face every day.

Fear of making mistakes

Fear of not doing a good job

Fear of letting my staff, or our clients down

Fear of failing

I was talking to a new personal training client today about this very thing. He too is a small business owner. We were discussing the barriers we face to achieving the success we strive for, and how it’s all too easy to let fear override your energy to achieve.

The client in question used the analogy of his 3-year-old grandson to sum up exactly why we shouldn’t do this.  When his grandson was learning to walk, he would fall often. He didn’t lay where he fell, and state that he’d given it a good try, but on second thoughts, walking wasn’t for him, and he’d be giving it a miss!

The complete opposite happened.

He dusted himself off and cracked on with walking a little further without falling.

That’s what we, as adults, need to remember. We are going to fall, but it’s the getting back up that makes us successful.

So, whatever your fear is, be like a 3-year-old

Get up, and crack on…






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