The festive period hasn’t been kind to me!

I packed on 6 kilos!

During Christmas and New Year! 6 kilos, that’s 3 bags of sugar! Now, I wish I was joking! I wish this was a funny segue into a tremendous sales pitch about how we’re going to help you lose weight, get fitter, achieve world peace!

But it isn’t. Sadly, it’s as true as you sitting here reading this.

The How? There’s no one reason, I train and eat reasonably sensibly, and stay away from booze and other temptations. The Reality! Sometimes what you think isn’t actually reality.

My workout frequency was down, from 5 classes a week to 2, maybe three at a push. Sometimes I’d kid myself even further by counting training on my own, but that’s never, ever as effective as the buzz I get from being in one of our group classes.

The Why? Because I was too busy! I know, really??!!

Such a lame excuse but when I really nail down the man in the mirror it was because I was being lazy. I convinced myself I was eating well, even though I would get a chicken burger from Kilim at least once a week.

One good day was followed by two or three bad days. One of my PT clients bought me a selection box of biscuits, GONE!

My mum sent me some chocolate form the UK, GONE! Consuming the nutritional intake of a 5 times a week exerciser, while only training twice – Amateur!

Come 1st Jan, I hope on the scales, all set to nail 2018 and bang, there it is!

Reality writ large! Now, more importantly, are you in the same position. Be honest with yourself. Are you? Here’s how I’m going to help myself, and maybe indirectly, I’ll help you. Small changes: One change per week. Me, I’m stocked up on Tupperware and back into bulk preparing my meals, portioning them out, and having them ready to receive the loving caress of the microwave at a minutes notice.

Next week: Training in our CrossFit classes 3 times per week.

For me, solo training is next in benefit to pulling nails out of my eyeball (which reminds me of the time an ex-girlfriend had to pull a piece of wood out of my eye!).

Training in class brings coaching, accountability and intensity.

These three things will mean change is on its way ASAP!

Now, back to you! What small changes can you make to create a gradual, positive change?

Like me, pick one small change each week and build on your success from there on out. The hardest part is just to start with day 1.

Good luck!





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