I love social media.

I could spend hours scrolling through the void (check out this post if the void is foreign to you), seeing monkeys as personal trainers, people making death-defying jumps or climbs on crazy platforms all the way through to cute pictures of German Shepherds (I’m a little biased here!).

What I truly dislike about social media though, are the ‘too good to be true posts’, the ‘essential supplements, lose all the weight in 10 seconds flat, get a body like mine in 30 days’ posts.

The, suck you in with clever marketing and aspirational imagery posts, that people believe, and spend a ton of cash, and emotional energy on.

The brutal truth is, there is no easy fix when it comes to nutrition.

Other than sewing your mouth shut (which I’m sure some of our clients wish I’d do every now and then!), the simplistic way to lose weight is………..drum roll please…….patience and consistency.

The two most essential supplements we can prescribe you to take.

Not L-carnitine, not bulletproof coffee, not three doses a day of meal replacement shakes, and definitely not Kale!!

No, patience and consistency are the ultimate in supplementation.


Because as a society, we’re not educated to accept and employ these supplements.

We’re now bought up on the premise we can get what we want, when we want it.

Want a new tv, get it on 30 months interest-free today, just fill in this simple form.

Want those new lulu leggings, bang it on after-pay, she’ll be right.

Most nearly everything we want today, we can get immediately, and this skews our thinking when it comes to losing weight.

We get on the gram, watch a :59 video, and bam, we’re going to be sorted in 7 days. We’re going to drop that fat it took us 3 years to put on in a matter of days, because the fitness influencer, or the skinny tea model told us it would happen.

Long term, sustainable weight loss is anything but a quick process.

You may have seen a client story on our FB page telling the story of Deb, and her success at losing nearly half her body weight.

This success was overnight, over 1,825 nights to be exact.

That’s right, Deb has been successful because it took time, and required patience and consistency in spades.

Now, before you retreat to the void again, don’t panic!

The way you’re going to be successful doesn’t have to take 5 years. You’re going to be successful because you’re going to join the 80% club.

The 80% club is made up of people like you, who want to make a change, who want to lose weight, feel happier, and look better naked.

How does the 80% club work?

First – You’re going to take whichever approach you think suits you best, be it macro’s, atkins, paleo, the zone, there are many to choose from.

Second – You’re going to work out your daily or weekly requirements, your meal planning, your portion sizes etc, all the sexy and easy to do stuff.

Third – You’re going to stick to this with 80% accuracy for the week.


Now, a few things to consider:

  • 80% of 7 isn’t 5, so don’t go thinking you can eat healthily Mon-Fri then blow out on the weekend.
  • 80% also doesn’t mean you can smash biscuits, cookies, chippies. It means you can save yourself a sanity treat, like a couple of squares of chocolate, each day without destroying your progress.
  • Following the 80% approach means your progress will be slower than you like. Don’t get depressed, or start comparing yourself to people on the gram!

Remember, Patience and Consistency = Long Term Meaningful Change!




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