How 20 minutes can help the rest of your life!

Every new person who wants to join our gym starts with a conversation.

We’ve learnt from experience that throwing people straight into a personal training session or a small group training session doesn’t work.

The power of these conversations is that we learn the true reasons why people are looking to make a change.

People say, they want to “get in shape” or “lose weight”.

However, the next question is usually what makes my tear ducts swell.



Why do you want to “get in shape”?

Why do you want to “lose weight?”

Such a simple question.

Often such a difficult answer.

There’s a reason why people fail at their resolutions to make a change.

There’s a reason why most gym memberships go unused.

Think about all the amazing things that people have accomplished on this planet.


If the “WHY” is big enough, the “WHAT” doesn’t matter!

Don’t take my word for it though, take some of the “Why’s” that brought people to tears and put a lump in my throat;

-“I have a goal to be fit at 70″

-“I need a place where I feel loved and can trust nothing bad will happen to me”

-“I’m sick of failing”

-“My doctor told me if I don’t do something soon, I’ll be on medication for the rest of my life”

-“My kids need a better role model”

-“My doctor told me I have diabetes and high blood pressure. I’m afraid of what is going to happen”


The Power Is In The Story

Emotion will only get you so far.

Making a decision on a Friday evening while you’re sitting on the couch, halfway through that six-pack or tub of ice-cream is great.

But the momentum behind that decision is generally short-lived.

I know because I’ve been there a hundred plus times over my life.

You eat something unhealthy and then you chastise yourself for it, commit to change your behaviour, and then find yourself in the same negative spiral next week.

What I needed was 20 minutes with someone who wanted to help me.

Someone who could understand my story, help me see the power within it and provide the structure and accountability I need to achieve my goals.

That’s why I have a mentor for my business.

That’s why we provide coaching, not access.

Your success is in your story.

When you’re ready.

When your “Why” is greater than any excuse you prefer to tell yourself; let us know.

We’ll be here to help.


If that’s you already, click here to schedule a time to catch up with me


Paul and the Ignite team




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