2017 is a 13 week year

That’s right, as of today 2017 is now only 13 weeks long.

That means the end of the school year is only 11 weeks away, Christmas is only 12 weeks away and New Year’s only 13.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the year in those terms, my immediate reaction is to look back over the past 39 weeks and think, what did I achieve?! Did I lose the weight I wanted to, did I earn the money I wanted to, did I get away on a holiday like I wanted to or did I buy that house I said I would?

The problem with this approach is that by looking back, I tend to focus on the negative rather than the positive outcomes I’ve experienced.

I think about what I didn’t achieve, or what I could have if only I worked a little harder.

Thankfully, by writing this down and reading it back to myself it makes me think, instead of dwelling on the past 39 weeks, why don’t I commit to maxing out over the next 13 weeks.

Now, I’m sure I speak for most of us when I say “I LOVE MAXING OUT”! Give me a 1rm barbell test and I’m in heaven.

You can keep your 800m runs and your high-level gymnastics.

Give me a bar, 20-30 minutes and a power or Olympic lifting movement and I’m in, 1000%.

Today is the perfect case. We have 1rm deadlift as the main focus of our workout. We don’t do this very often, maybe every 12-16 weeks, so I’m practically salivating at the thought of trying to beat my existing 1rm.

Given the frequency with which our 1rm testing works, there’s a good chance I’ll have another opportunity to retest whatever I achieve today by the end of the year.

That means I have a focal point for the rest of 2017. And now, so do you.

What I want you to do is not what I’ve done. I don’t want you to look back over what you may or may not have achieved.

I want you to take the remainder of 2017 by the scruff of the neck, and set yourself some outrageously audacious goals.

They can be anything you like them to be, they don’t need to be health and fitness related, they could be work, family or travel-related, hell they could even be related to asking out that girl/guy you’ve been thinking about all year (disclaimer – no creepy business, sensible declarations only. Hugh’s gone, and male or female; you’re not heaven sent to replace him!)

So, take a blank piece of paper, draw a line down the middle and start writing. Get down as many goals (as unbelievable as they may seem) down on the left side as possible. Next, this is where you need to separate out the fantasy from the actual.

Set aside the riding into Valhalla on the back of Maverick’s F14 with your hair on fire, (I know what you’re thinking, flat spins killed Goose) and pick out the three goals you’d most like to achieve.

Write these goals down in as many prominent places as possible, a post-it on your fridge, desk, anywhere you spend decent periods of time, and let’s see what you can achieve in a 13 week year.

If you need a hand, flick me an email, paul@crossfithuttvalley.com, or even a call on 04 650 4357.

I’ll personally get back to you and let you know how I can help you max out 2017!




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