If you are a regular reader, you’ll now by know we love to harness the power of goal setting here at Ignite, and what better day to get the new week off to a bumper start than Sunday.

Sunday is the perfect day to map out a little plan for the week ahead.

In doing so, you might even get some things out of the way today so the week is clear for extra gainz!

While I was sitting down to write this last week, I realised I hadn’t said thank you to our coaching staff for a wee while, commending them on the fantastic effect they have on our community spirit.

So, rather than think about it (and invariably forget about it!) I put together an agenda for our next coaches meeting, scheduled this for the first order of business and ticked it off the list.

It made me feel a whole lot better that I had said thank you, and freed up my mind to tackle other tasks.

We all experience busy, stressful times so planning ahead can be the last thing we focus on as we hop from one immediate issue to another.


7 Top Tips To Help 

To help with this, here are a few tips that have helped me plan ahead. Check them out, they might help you too:

– Write it down. A thought is great but if you don’t write it down, it’ll disappear as soon as you see the next bird impersonating a bat on Facebook or Instagram.

– Hit the gym Monday am. in fact, try and hit the gym in the am full stop. If there’s one habit that gets your day off to a great, productive start, it’s getting your sweat on early.

– Be nice to yourself. Failing to celebrate the little wins you have will make achieving the big ones even harder.

– Take regular breaks. Whilst you may think your boss, staff or family will think less of you if you’re not slaving away 24/7, taking regular, small breaks from your daily grind will increase your effectiveness.

– Have some fun. We plan a varied program, making sure that while our members are working hard, they’re also having fun.

– When it’s time to turn in, take a moment to jot down what you’ve achieved during the day. While you’re there, make a note of what you want to achieve tomorrow.

– Repeat until feelings of happiness and success are your regular companions.


If you feel like you might need a little help to get started, book in to see one of our expert coaches for a FREE 30-minute goal setting session

Good luck and stay healthy

Coach Paul




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