Adults love playing games.

It’s one of our favourite ways to have fun. We work games into our warm-ups as an easy way to bring a smile to a members face.

Adult life is tough. Family, kids, work, relationships, all take a toll on us and can sometimes take the fun out of life.

The easiest way to rectify that is to find somewhere you can have some fun. Play is so important in adult lives, that American’s (I kid you not!) even have a National Institute for Play in California.

Here, psychiatrist Stuart Brown has found that “What all play has in common,”

Brown says, “is that it offers a sense of engagement and pleasure, takes the player out of a sense of time and place, and the experience of doing it is more important than the outcome.”

This Washington Post article delves much deeper into the subject, and why play is so important to adults.

It might be at home playing a board game, or the park, the sports club or the gym. Take some time to relax, and play as you did as a child.

You’ll find the reward you get from it invaluable. Click here to find some other ways you might be able to have a little fun. For us, we’re going to be playing Bingo this month.

25 random tasks, to be completed individually, in pairs or as a group in and out of the gym. We started today and already there’s an extra buzz about the place because it’s fun.

Want to give it a crack yourself?

Click Scorecard to download a copy of our Bingo card and give it a crack yourself.

You can change some of the tasks, or do them as is.

Try it, you might just have some fun!




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