Client Story – Damien S!


I had moved to NZ in mid-2017, it was a whirlwind time for myself and my family (exciting, fun, scary, sad, etc). I had been so focused on getting the family settled in, ensuring we had everything we needed, finding good schools and a decent job…

I was not doing much exercise and had lost loads of weight over the first year here. I wanted to build muscle, be healthy and fill the gap (get the balance right) between work and family life.

I felt that I needed to join a gym, but I am not a big fan of gyms because of the careless way people do workouts and all the showboating (I was a runner and did a bit of basic stuff at home, in SA, but I found out that I was a fair-weather runner, as it turns out, after moving to Wellington!). I sceptically started looking around, feeling the gym’s out.

Ignite Fitness and Nutrition offered a cool environment where your form, safety and wellbeing is front and centre to everything done in the gym. This appealed to me and gave me the confidence to get into the gym environment, but know that I would be looked after properly.

After a few months of PT sessions, I noticed I was a bit stronger and getting slightly toned.

Once I joined the morning classes things progressed fairly quickly. I have seen great gains in the year of morning classes (the first one was on 21 January 2019!)…

Not massive, quick gains, rather sustainable, long-term gains.

I have more aches and pains all over than ever before, but they are all good aches and pains!

I am stronger than ever, fit and healthy. I battle without my three sessions a week Ignite ‘fix’.

I am now working on my nutrition and hope to do 5-10 strict pull-ups and string together a few double unders in 2020. Bring it on!!!




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