Client Story – Jan G!


Before I made the bold step of answering an add on Facebook for a no-obligation free chat, my problem was laziness, not enough time, too busy, I’m tired, I’m too old, I’m too fat, you name it I had it, every excuse under the sun.  An advert came up on my Facebook that my nephew had liked, it was for people over 40, and well that was me.

I was so nervous in the days leading up to my appointment with Paul. After meeting Paul all my fears were gone, he made me feel relaxed, valued, like he understood me like I mattered.  Awesome!


I signed up for I think a twelve-week programme, from the first PT session to the first and subsequent group Legends classes I have always felt valued, cared for, understood, never judged.  It’s amazing.

I have been away a couple of times while going to Ignite, I always miss it, not just the workouts, but the people, my Ignite family.

I had been coming for about 8 weeks when I thought, wow, I can actually do the class and not feel like I’m out of my depth, I could breathe easier, had more energy, actually felt like I was on top of my game,

I jumped on the scales at the point and found I had lost 10 KG’s!!!!

Wow, that was awesome.  I have never wanted this to be about my weight, but more about feeling better, living longer and being happy.

Sometimes I still struggle to get my home/work/gym balance right, but what I do know is that when I actually make the time to get to class it makes a huge difference.

Thank you Ignite for all that you have helped me with, you have put up with and I look forward to walking, running, squatting, strict pressing my way through life with you all.

Thank you, Paul, for everything you do for us all, you truly are amazing, backed by an amazing team of trainers too.

Thanks, Paul for this, it has really helped me to see where I was and where I am, haven’t got it nailed every day, but some days  🙂

Jan G 🙂


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