I found my normal gym environment at CityFittness very hard to socialize in. Most of the people there didn’t present themselves as wanting to be social.

They either had their headphones on and in the zone or walking on a treadmill for half an hour which wasn’t exactly my thing.

I would bring in friends every now and then to work out with, which definitely helped but they couldn’t always be there as often as I wanted to be. It was not very fun going from school to the gym.

School for me was a very social time, but going from school and walking into a gym where all you can hear is the sound of machines instead of people wasn’t the best combination.


CFHV was a much easier environment to socialize in.

The first day I walked in for my No Sweat Intro, I was greeted by both of the coaches in the room.

That gave me an instant feel of comfort and trust. Then, arriving at my first group class, I was introduced to everyone who were all very friendly and inviting.

So my first experiences with CFHV were positive for me right off the bat.

Coming to the gym is much more enjoyable than previously.

Being able to socialize with everyone and having a laugh during class will always be a positive for me.

It also gave me the confidence to pursue coaching, as I feel I had already made a connection with everyone at the gym.

Standing up looking at the group instead of the whiteboard would have been far more nerve-racking if I didn’t have those already made connections.


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