Client Story – Rose F!

I was in a rut in several areas of my life especially weight loss and feeling healthy

Frustration is the right word.

No matter what I tried nothing seemed to work for me and I never stuck at anything

From the minute I walked in the door at Ignite Fitness and Nutrition, I felt like I belonged and that I wasn’t just another member paying my way.

I felt like I had found a place where people were interested in me as a person and wanted to help me achieve what I wanted.

The coaches really cared

When I got some real positive gains at a doctor’s visit, with my blood pressure coming down.

Also when my husband said my old Rose is back.

I regained a love of life I guess

I’m way more positive again. Just brought a new dress to wear to a family wedding and it’s two sizes smaller than I was wearing.

Spend time each week with a personal trainer/coach who genuinely cares, a great bunch of coaches and some amazing lifelong friends.

What’s not to love about Ignite and what it can do for you




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