Client Story – Shaz S


In 2017 a normal day started by ending up in the hospital with the inability to move from the chest down with full paralysis on my left side.

In the weeks that followed, I was diagnosed with a rare neuro-immune disease called Transverse Myelitis, where the immune system attacks the Myelin that protects your spine and central nervous system.

I spent the next 8 months working very hard, starting with speech correction, counselling, sitting up, moving toes, trying to move legs, I had some rehab in hospital and went home on crutches barely able to shower or fend for myself.

I continued with recovery and learned to walk again which I’m very proud of, but during this time I lost confidence in my body, and my strength and have never regained full feeling or mobility.

Defeating, but most of all I was scared.

I felt resolved to just having to put up with it as it was, to not play sport, to not jog…I became focused on the things I couldn’t do instead of the things I could.

Sure, I had come a long way but at the point where I couldn’t see how much further I could go, there is no cure or treatment for TM so this really messed me up in the head.

I’d always had a fascination with it, watching transformations and thought that you really had to be some kind of athlete or personal trainer to do it!

And one day I thought I’m going to try it and see if I can myth bust that.

I won’t know if I don’t try….everyone starts somewhere right?

I thought maybe I can’t cure it, but I can get stronger?!…..

I only walked in that one day as a stranger, every day since I’ve been hugging and high fiving my extended family when I leave.

There are no mirrors or posers here.

It’s genuinely beautiful people who are all there to achieve their goals and those of their teammates.

You can go when you don’t feel well, you can have a chat, you can cry, you will LAUGH and you will be encouraged.


Success isn’t about winning here, it’s drinking that extra glass of water, doing that one unassisted rep, or just showing up!

It started with really little things, I knew it was for me when four months in I hadn’t missed a single session.

When my coach said, “I’m glad you’re here and I’m proud to coach you, you’re a strong lady”.

When movements started becoming easier, requiring less thinking, when the weights went up when I could adjust every session (either way on the scale) to my ability or pain levels that day to still get the most out of it without fear of repercussion or shame (to name a few).

When I looked back on photos after 6 months, that was a real wow moment comparing.

I feel optimistic, energised and excited for what’s ahead. I’ll be a year in this March and I cannot wait to see what’s ahead.

I feel hopeful and want to inspire others with disabilities and immune disorders.

Everything is scalable at Ignite, you can participate no matter your ability or goals.

I am much fitter, have more lean muscle, I’m a lot stronger, I’m not afraid to try things and while I’ll never feel all my left side again I am not scared to try and I just love being coached and encouraged to do these things and how it feels when you smash it!!!



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