I love Seashore Cabaret

I love that they’ve taken over a site that hasn’t been successful for a long, long time, poured some money and most of all, love, into the mix, and now it’s one of my go to’s whenever I fancy a nice feed and a coffee.

I love that every time I go there, their staff are fun and attentive, prepared to engage in a little chat and don’t leave you hanging for too long even when it’s busy.

We’ve had two of our most recent gym social events there, and we’ll no doubt have more there in the future.

The only downside is, pretty much everyone else who’s been, knows it’s great too!

What I love most, is that they provide a relatively simple menu, of both drinks and coffee, very very well, and appear intent on doing so for the foreseeable.

Now, you’re probably thinking, what the heck does this have to do with health and fitness?!

Well, here’s the skinny.

Just like the team at Seashore, we aim to provide our brand of the same consistent service to our clients well into the future as well.

How we do that is by using our Infinite Game framework (For more on the Infinite game).

You see, for us, fitness isn’t like the gram.

You’re not going to achieve your goals in the next: 59 seconds.

You’re going to be most successful in achieving your goals over the next 30, 40, 50 or even 60 years.

That’s what our Infinite Game framework is all about.

It isn’t about winning or losing, like a game of footy. It isn’t about smashing yourself stupid in a workout, then not being able to play with the kids, or walk to the car the next morning.

No, it’s about keeping the game going for as long as possible.

Just like when you were a kid, playing backyard footy, or beach cricket. No-one wanted the game to end. We all wanted those fun times to go well past sundown, or well after mum called us for tea.

Adulthood can take those pleasures away from us, but only if you want it too.

But fear not, there’s a little Peter Pan inside all of us, and we can help you get them back!

Have a chat with us about our Infinite approach to your health and fitness goals, and see how you can be more successful than Instagram!




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