Meet Coach Paul.

This week we caught up with Coach Paul to hear his My CFHV story. Known for his reserved character and aversion to talking, it took us more than a few goes to get a word or two!

What brought you to CrossFit Hutt Valley in the first place?

Donny and Faye are good friends of mine, so when they told me that they were opening CrossFit Hutt Valley, I thought I’d like to be a part and moved to Wellington to get involved.

In June ‘15, we swapped places and I took over the reins.

What was your first impression? How has that changed?

My first impression was of a friendly community, full of people wanting to improve their fitness whilst having some fun at the same time.

Some of the faces have changed but the community spirit and the aim to improve on health and fitness goals remains as strong as ever.


What was your first “eureka moment”?

Knocking off a double body weight deadlift. I have a love for the simple movements we do (nothing to do with limited flexibility at all!) with the deadlift being my favourite.

Having said that I’m still a long way behind Eddie Hall’s 500kg monster lift so I’ll have to keep working on it

What are you working on now?

Training regularly is my greatest challenge at present. Work and coaching commitments mean training is often sacrificed, so I have to focus on getting sweaty more regularly.


What’s your favorite CFHV memory?

We held a fundraiser for a member who’s family was going through some severely tough times.

The CrossFit community, both at CFHV, and from Upper Hutt and MaD CrossFit pulled together and really showed what this family meant and still means to all involved.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for a very deserving cause.




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