About a week or so ago, a good friend and fellow gym owner, Chris at Upper Hutt CrossFit, wrote a great article about the price of CrossFit, and how, in the bigger picture it is not that expensive to get involved.

Once I’d taken the ‘I wish I’d wrote that article’ thought out of my head, the article made me think how could I ADD to the conversation?

I work with a business mentor and one of the constants he gives me to think about is that the best businesses GIVE!

Initially, this was a tough concept for me to grasp, as business is all about sales right?


We all remember, as a child, being told that it is better to give than to receive, which is most definitely true, at least for me anyway.

Being in business is no different.

The best businesses give! They give advice, time, and the opportunity for others to grow. They provide their expertise and services so that others, and themselves, may benefit.

Recently, we kicked off our 2-week couch to CrossFit program. A home-based program of email delivered fitness and nutrition advice (you can access it here) aimed at giving you the confidence to make a future fitness decision with greater confidence.

There is no obligation, no sales pressure or selling 12-month contracts that even Harry Houdini can’t get out of.

The irony of this is that the 2-week concept was given to me, by another gym owner, who wanted to help people get off the couch and into fitness.

The first step to joining our community is our Free 30min No Sweat Intro. It’s named so, because there is no sweating.

Instead, we’re all about talking about YOU.

We aim to help, to listen and to give. We can help you map out your goals, fine-tune your nutrition or be a shoulder to cry on when life doesn’t play out the way we’d hope it would.

But we can’t do the work for you. We can’t get you out of bed at 0500 for a morning class, or into the gym at 1800 after a long day at work when all you can think about is the couch and comfy clothes.

We can’t make you do more burpees, press a little heavier or work on your ankle and hip mobility.

Those decisions all come down to YOU, and what it is you want to achieve.

So, if you have the burning desire to make a change, or to just talk to someone about your goals, look for the places that give first.

Look for the places that want to talk to you about YOU first. Look to the places that may suggest a change in nutritional habits might be the best starting points rather than blindly running for 30 mins on a treadmill three times a week.

Thanks for reading.




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