Keeping Fit and Healthy at Level 2

We know the thought of heading to the gym is tough enough, without the additional stressors brought on by our current alert level.

We also know how important it is for our physical, emotional and mental health to keep fit and active in a safe training environment.

That’s why we’ve taken all steps possible to create a safe, friendly and fun training environment and to maximise the benefits of being able to focus on our health and fitness.

Here’s how we’re keeping our clients safe and healthy at level 2

(To check the latest Ministry of Health guidelines for gyms – click here).


Mind the Gap

Whether it’s a personal training session or a small group fitness class, our clients each have their own training space AND a 2-metre gap between each other and our coaches. This ensures we conform to the latest  Ministry of Health protocols for social distancing in gyms maximising the comfort of your training experience.


Done for You

When you arrive for your session, you’ll find all your gear out and ready for you. This achieves two main objectives

1 – Maximises your individual coaching time

2 – Keeps you safe and healthy without having to move around the room grabbing equipment or hoping someone has wiped it down before you.


Talking of clean

At the end of your session, you don’t need to worry about putting your gear away. We run a 15-minute gap between sessions so we can clean down all the gear used, set it up for our next session or pack it away.


By appointment only

Access to our training facility is by appointment only. This means you can train safely in the knowledge there’ll be no interruptions to your session. Each client or introductory session is booked online in advance.


One way in

To minimise potential chokepoints and to ensure 2m social distancing, we operate a one way in, one way out procedure at Ignite. When you arrive, you enter through the front door, scanning the QR code on the way in. When you leave, you head out the rear door.


Mask up

When on duty, all our coaches and staff wear a mask and maintain 2m social distancing from all our clients, new and existing. Whether your training in our 0600 class or attending your first No Sweat Intro, we’ll make sure you’re well looked after by wearing the appropriate face coverings and adhering to social distancing guideline.

So that’s our guide to keeping you fit and healthy at level 2.

If that kind of care and attention sounds like you, click here to book your No Sweat Intro today




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