Meet Marci.

Marci is one of our more creative members, both teaching art and publishing her own works.

She’s a super positive influence within the gym and we love her infectious personality.

We caught up with Marci to hear her MY CFHV story.

What brought you to CrossFit Hutt Valley in the first place?

I liked the idea of a coached, class-based fitness program. I have always had more success sticking with things if there are people expecting me to show up.

I also liked the sound of “functional movement’ being a goal and also the idea that anyone at any level and with any limitations can participate in the workout through scaling.

I found CFHV by chance — riding my bicycle around Lower Hutt.

What was your first impression? How has that changed?

The coach’s warmth and sense of humour was immediately apparent but I could also tell that he paid attention to our movements, giving clear corrections that would keep us safe.

I loved that there was a warm up and cool down included in the class because I was very worried about hurting myself. I have a history of going too hard, getting injured and not being able to continue.

I felt looked after.

During the workout I was struck by how encouraging my classmates were towards me. People were focusing not only on themselves but on others as well.

My lasting first impression was that there was a super-sweet community feeling to the place and that you didn’t need to be one of the best athletes in order to be a valued member.

It wasn’t really about that. It was about doing something really challenging but finding the fun in it.

*** My impression of CFHV has not changed. It is a special and magical place for me. I’m constantly challenged and encouraged here at the box (by myself, by the awesome coaches and by my classmates).

Paul continues to give me excellent feedback and coaching. He goes beyond what I would expect offering goal setting sessions, nutritional programs and being so very approachable!!!

What was your first “eureka moment”?

My first eureka moment was when I realised that I now have the strength and fitness to participate in most any outdoor activity I that I’d like.

I have enjoyed all day bicycle rides, long swims and even learned to paddle board with ease.

What are you working on now?

My main goal is to complete all movements with as good form as is physically possible for me … to use the correct muscles to do the work and to not hurt myself.

What’s your favourite CFHV memory?

I love Saturday morning coffees!! Honestly, I’ve had so many sweet moments with everyone. It would be impossible to choose just one.


Thanks to Marci for sharing her My CFHV story. We’ll be back with another installment soon.

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Stay healthy.

Coach Paul




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