Mindset for Success


Once you’ve invested in your training option, it’s time to get started.

Even if you’ve chosen a coaching option as your path to success, you still need to come to the party too!

What’s going to be your biggest challenge?

The top two inches. 

Your mindset for success.

We’ve all heard about the importance of mindset for Olympians, All Blacks, Prime Ministers and CEO’s.

It’s no different for you.

Get it right here and you’ll be set for success.

Get it wrong and you could be in a world of hurt.

The temptation is all too strong, however, to grip it and rip it.

To smash yourself silly every time you’re in the gym

To associate the aches and pains with success, rather than the impending failure of your latest attempt at losing 20kgs.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have experienced this a number of times in the past.


How do you get past this stage?

If you applied our 5 stage plan to investing in your Health and Fitness (click here if you haven’t yet), you’ll know that regular goal review sessions are a crucial element in helping you achieve long term success.

Regular goal review/setting allows you to keep your mind focused on what’s important and keeps you on the road to success.

To complement this, our mantra of patience and consistency is the foundation of long term success.

We’re looking for consistent, imperfect effort, not inconsistent perfect effort.

This is how you’re going to train your mindset for success.

You don’t need to feel like your arms are about to fall off to consider your workout a triumph.

You don’t need to be struggling to the car in the morning, or short of the energy to play with your grandkids to know you’ve worked out properly

Just as you would expect a return over 20-30 years from a financial investment, the same should be applied to your physical, mental and emotional investments.

Invest a little, see it grow, invest a little more…..and so on

Expecting your financial investment to return 500% in 6 weeks is just as unrealistic as expecting a 6-week fitness programme to solve all your problems.


Pick Two

To make the process a little easier to navigate, here’s a very simple way to stay on course for success.

Focus on:

1 – Attendance.

Whatever approach you’re taking, whether it’s self-guided or coached, make an agreement with yourself to regularly attend your training sessions for the next 4 weeks.

Be disciplined with yourself here.

Treat your training sessions like a meeting at work.

If you’ve picked the right option for you, this should be easy


2 – Application.

Aim for 60-80% max intensity every session.

Don’t be fooled by your ego telling you to max out every time you train, or to add weight to every movement.

The way you’re going to achieve your attendance goal is by rationing your physical output. To achieve your goals, you’re going to be training a minimum of 2-3 times per week.

Hitting these sessions with 100% intensity will only fast track your return to the couch.

Remember that the discipline we spoke about that’s needed to achieve your attendance goals, is just as important here.


Take Notes

We can’t overemphasise the importance of celebrating your progress. Each week, take a few notes about how successful you’ve been in applying the discipline we’ve prescribed.

The more you reinforce your successes to yourself, the more determined you’ll be to keep being consistent with them.

Positive reinforcement will become one of your most trusted allies, and biggest performance multipliers.

Read these notes back to yourself on Sunday afternoon and use them to plan what you’re going to achieve in the week ahead.

After 4 weeks, review your progress, and give yourself a big pat on the back!


To fine tune your mindset for success, schedule a time with one of coaches by clicking here






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