Opportunity Knocks.


They’re what makes life interesting…

The opportunity to meet that boy or girl you’re interested in.

The opportunity to hit that new target at work.

The opportunity to make it into the premier grade this season.


What they don’t do is start on Jan 1st 2021.

Life would be immensely dull if we didn’t have the opportunity to be more, achieve more, succeed more. Including today, you have been gifted four hundred opportunities to do exactly that between today and the start of 2022.



Wait until Jan 1st and you’ll have wasted 35 opportunities to get closer to what it is that’ll make you happy.

So how are you going to take life by the horns, how are you going to bend the next 400 days to your will and achieve all that you hope for?

You could: wing it like you did this time last year, put it off until Jan 1st, get more out of shape over Christmas and then blame it on not having enough time

You can see where this is going.

Or……..you can put on your big boy/girl pants and get started towards achieving what it is you want, Today!

The key thing to focus on is YOU!

What exactly do YOU want to achieve?

Not what do your parents, partner, colleagues or friends want you to achieve!


The Blank Piece Of Paper.

This is going to be your greatest ally.

Firstly, write down the most audacious goals you would like to achieve, lose 30kgs, become a millionaire, travel the world, buy a Ferrari!

Whatever you feel is outrageously audacious, and at this stage, unachievable.

​​Next, figure out how you’re going to get there.

This is way more simple than it seems. If you want to become a millionaire do this: Income (say $75000) minus outgoings (say $50000) equals $25000. 1,000,000 divided by 25,000 equals 40!

​​40 years saving 25k and you’ll be a millionaire.

If you wanted to lose 30kgs: Current weight (say 110kgs) minus weight loss (we know is 30kgs) equals 80kgs!

​​30kgs divided by 500g per week (the sensible amount of weight to lose regularly over the long term) = 60.

​​60 weeks, or 15 months to achieve your goal weight.

Now, these are loooooong periods of time, and it’s unlikely you’ll be motivated to start when considering this.

But wasting 35 opportunities by waiting until next year isn’t going to help you, at all!​

So now we break the long goal down into smaller goals.


Millionaire – let’s break this into one year.

​​We know we need to save $25k, so lets split that into 4, 3-month blocks.

$25000 divided by 4 equals $6,250.

A much smaller and easier target to focus on.


Weight loss – let’s do the same.

​​We know it will take us 60 weeks to achieve our goal of 30kg weight loss, so lets split that into 5 blocks.

60 weeks divided by 5 equals 12 weeks. 30kg divided by 5 equals 6kgs.

So now we focus on achieving 6kg weight loss in the next 12 weeks.

That’s how our nutrition coaching works. Breaking down long term goals into small, manageable pieces.


Taking a large challenge, and breaking it down into multiple smaller ones makes your end success far more likely, and makes achieving that success far less stressful.

I hope this helps you rationalise what it is you want to achieve, and helps you take advantage of the 365 400 opportunities you have.

If you want to discuss your goals, or aren’t sure how to get your goals down on a piece of paper, flick me a line at paul@ignitefitness.nz, or click here to book a time for a chat


Paul and the Ignite Team




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