Meet Sophie.

One of our newer members, Sophie is our resident endurance junkie.

Having summited five peaks over 5000 metres, completed numerous endurance races and attempted to cycle a lazy 1000 kilometres, from Tibet to Kathmandu, only to be thwarted by a mechanical failure 500 kilometres in, it’s safe to say Sophie enjoys a challenge.

So much so, Sophie leaves next week for Italy, to compete in an epic 330 kilometre race called the Tor Des Geants, the only participant from New Zealand in this year’s race.

We caught up with Sophie to hear her story so far

What Brought You To CFHV In The First Place?

I love a challenge and am competing in a race soon, so I wanted to challenge myself to get stronger, to test my limits and improve my mental strength.

I had never been to the gym before and thought CrossFit Hutt Valley would be able to help me with these things.

What Was Your First Impression? How Has That Changed?

My immediate impressions were that the gym was very friendly and fun! I like to try something new, and CrossFit was definitely new to me, but I always feel happy here.

The coaches make the atmosphere very relaxing and very safe, always there to help and to make sure my technique is correct.

Nothing has changed, only improved, as I’ve made friendships since I’ve been here and enjoy it even more now. It’s not all about the programming.

What Was Your First “Bright Spot”?

My front squat. My technique improved so much with coaching I received that I felt really comfortable with this movement.

Because of this, I was able to lift the heaviest weight with this lift that I have ever achieved.

What Are You Working On Now?

Mental preparation and strength for my race. The Tor Des Geants is a big challenge for me, as it’s the longest single running race I’ve competed in.

I’m extremely lucky and proud to be the only competitor from New Zealand to be competing in the race this year and want to do well.

Training at CFHV has helped me improve my upper body strength as well as my mobility and flexibility. These things are crucial for me to be able to deal with the physical demands the race will bring.

I’ve been working on improving my mental strength, to allow me to keep moving when I’m tired. This is especially important as the race takes place over 6 days and will be a big challenge.

The coaches at CFHV have also helped a lot with this.

What’s Your Favourite CFHV Memory?

Every moment is happy. People here are very caring and interested in me and my preparation for the race.

We stay after class to talk, and I feel a strong element of friendship and community. Thanks to Sophie for sharing her story, and we are all super excited to hear how she goes during her race.

If you’d like to star in your own My CFHV story, book a time to talk to one of our friendly coaches.

You won’t regret it!

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