Client Story – A Tale of Two Lockdowns

We’ve all had varying experiences of lockdown over the last two years.

One of our clients shared their experience with me last week.

It resonated with me so much I asked if we could share it with you.



“As we change Alert Levels, I’m reflecting on how different this Lockdown has been to 18 months ago.

The last lockdown there was wine, chippies, zoom drinkies and hedonistic fun.

In this lockdown, there is daily nutrients recording, regular PT sessions and no wine.


At this point, Lockdown One is winning.


However, at the end of Lockdown One, there was weight gain, stiff joints and poor self-esteem.

At the end of this lockdown, there is good mobility, weight loss and a sense of accomplishment.


Lockdown Two is definitely winning now.


The other thing about Lockdown One was that I slept badly, had to work with hangovers, generally felt uncomfortable in my body and I was struggling with some difficult friendships.

During Lockdown Two I slept well, always had a clear headspace for work and I spent time (virtually) with people who are a positive influence in my life.

Big, big difference between lockdowns!

This is not saying Lockdown Two was all peace and nirvana.

There were hard days.

At times I felt frustrated and at times lonely.

I certainly have felt restless and my bottom lip has dropped on some days.

But, let’s get real.

These emotions are actually normal given the circumstances.

These are challenging times. This time around I didn’t ignore the hard emotions.

This time I acknowledged them and had better coping strategies.


Which Lockdown experience would I recommend?

Lockdown Two – without a doubt.


Because this time around I’m healthier, happier and fitter.

And I have the right people around me for support.

Thanks, Ignite Fitness and Nutrition!

The regular PT sessions helped me stay accountable, focused and fit; the nutritional coaching was realistic and adapted to the lockdown world, and the virtual social activities helped me stay connected to a great group of people.

Coming out of this Lockdown is so much better than the first time”!


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