The Benefits Of Small Group Personal Training

Over the last 10 years, we’ve narrowed down what we know makes people like you succeed.

We trialled large group sessions, small group sessions, speciality programmes and more.


What conclusions did we find?

Most adults

– enjoy training with a couple of other people

– feel inhibited and lost in big groups

– know they need coaching

– are not sure they can afford/justify the cost of personal training


What solution did we create?

Our all-new small group personal training programme.

Finding a small group personal training crew can supercharge your chances of long-term success.

The benefits of small group personal training:


1. It’s small.

We cap our small group personal training at 4 people per session meaning you’ll not be fighting for space every time you turn around.⁣

2. You’ll stay consistent.

It’s easy to quit your exercise routine when you train on your own. Having a small crew of people you train with regularly helps you get up in the morning or into the gym after work.


3. You’ll love your workout.

If you’ve dreaded the isolation of working out in the past, training in a small group will open up a whole new world. You’ll find that time flies by. You might even wonder why you didn’t do this earlier.


4. You’ll try something new.

If you’ve been afraid of starting a new workout routine, doing it with someone else might ease your anxiety about trying new adventures.

When you have a pal next to you, it won’t be as embarrassing if you mess up or need a break. Trying something different might even lead you to a new favourite exercise or activity.


5. You’ll end up crushing your goals.

Remember how friends make you stay more consistent, and you’ll find exercise more enjoyable?

Well, if you keep at it week after week, you’ll find yourself improving — whether it’s getting stronger or increasing your endurance. Hitting those goals is way easier when you’re consistently working out.


6. You’ll improve your overall mental health.

The past two years have been tough. With gyms shut down and much of the world coming to a halt, it was hard on everyone. But feeling lonely is as detrimental as smoking a pack of cigarettes.

Exercise improves your mood, so sweating with your workout buddy will boost your spirit and leave you feeling less stressed.


SO many of our clients see these benefits every time they work out.

So, if trying something new alone is preventing you from taking the leap, our small group personal training programme will be a game-changer!


To find out more about how our small group personal training programme can help you be successful, click this link to talk with me






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