A hot topic of conversation for many small business owners, ‘how do you do what you do’, ‘how do you compete with the Big Boys?!’.

For small, independently owned local businesses, there’s always one or more large competitor to do battle with.

Think about your daily habits.

For every great little coffee shop you go to, there’s a Starbucks.

For every special, family-owned restaurant you get your takeout from, there’s a Burger King or KFC.

The health and fitness industry is no different.

For every Ignite Fitness and Nutrition, there’s the big chain gym with enormous budgets and huge membership bases built around a business model designed to disadvantage the majority of members.

So, how do we compete?

First up, we don’t.

At least, we don’t try and complete where the big chain gyms are so strong.

We don’t offer access to fitness equipment.

If there’s one thing this doesn’t guarantee, it’s fitness.

We offer what we’re really good at:

Personal Training + Nutrition Coaching + Small Group Fitness


How do we do this?

First up, we don’t;

– blind you with long term contracts and cheap deals designed to hook you in for the long term

– sell open gym, access without guidance or allow external programming

– expect you to design your own workouts

– offer get fit fast programmes

– prescribe radical calorie-cutting nutrition plans


The Ignite mission is to positively impact the health and wellness of 1,000,000 New Zealanders.


 That means our belief system needs to be focused on helping people.

We deliver coaching through our Infinite Game focus on fitness and nutrition.

We focus on the basics until it makes sense to add volume. We see far too many athletes and Coaches believing in high volume training as the Holy Grail, when for the vast majority, a structured, well planned, long term focus is what’s required.

If you can’t move well, if you don’t have a base of strength, stability, flexibility and mobility, no programme can help you achieve long term success with your health and fitness.

The saying goes “More is not better, better is better!”


The short road to failure

The underlying effect of relying on access rather than coaching is that people fade away over time.

How many times have you purchased a gym membership and then barely ever gone?

How many times have you started running a few times per week during the first week of January only to be too sore and stiff to keep going within a couple of weeks?

Open access/no guidance training, for the majority of people, is the short road to failure.

We focus on the longer path, the one that leads to meaningful, long term success.

We don’t make concessions for the 1%. We focus on the overall wellbeing and needs of the 99%.

We don’t allow others to do their own programming.

We take pride in being experts and we provide such expertise through our programming, coaching, community and culture all in one package that our clients love.

We treat our culture with respect and protect it accordingly.

As one of our personal training clients, Rose, so accurately put it, “I’m here for the care and the coaching”!

All we’re missing is you!

To kickstart your journey to long term happiness and success, click here and book your No Sweat Intro today.


Coach Paul, Owner and Head Coach @ The Friendly Gym – Ignite Fitness and Nutrition.




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