A common question I hear is “Why is it so expensive?”

In my head, I want to say, “Expensive compared to the BMW you drove here in? Or the iPhone X you called on to ask me that question?”

But thankfully, the smarter me prevails, and thinks;

For some people, it’s truly a matter of finances. For most people, it’s a matter of priorities.

Why is it so expensive?

Many people that ask that question are also paying for a gym membership that costs $30-70/mon and haven’t been to in years. Or they go a few times a month so they don’t feel guilty about it. Some are stuck in a long-term contract and wasting money.

What is it worth?

Is there a price that you can put on enjoying more years to spend with your family and friends? The ability to play around with your kids/grandkids; to not be winded by walking up the stairs in your own home?

How about taking care of yourself so others don’t have to take care of you?

Is there a dollar amount you can put on not needing to spend hundreds of dollars on medications each month due to preventable diseases?

Is there a price tag you can put on your health? Your confidence when you walk into a room, or on the beach?

What’s expensive?

It’s a subjective question, really. I’ve met people that live in million dollar homes that choose not to pay for $65/hr personal training because “that’s too expensive”.

I’ve met others who choose to cut their coffee addiction in half each month in order to save enough money to take some of our group classes.

There’s no price we can put on what we offer.

In the end, we are both after the same thing; results




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