The beauty of developing meaningful relationships with the people you coach is that you get to hear about what’s really happening with them.

I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of this very thing a couple of weeks ago when discussing progress made so far with a client.

The client in question decided that they wanted to share their thoughts on their progress so far in the hope that it would help someone else to navigate the same challenging waters.

Given the personal nature of these thoughts, we’ve chosen to reserve the authors identity.


The Tough Stuff (according to XXXX)

Hooray, I’m losing weight!

I’ve made the mental shift and started the exercise and nutrition changes needed.

And, it’s working.


Well, initially.

Now I’ve hit a speed bump and I’m not sure how to navigate through it. Turns out, as I’m losing weight and getting healthier my body shape is changing, my overall health is improving and I’m suddenly not that sure who I am anymore.

Or rather, I don’t recognise who I am anymore.

On lots of levels, it’s exciting. But, it’s also bringing challenges I hadn’t thought about or anticipated experiencing.

People talk about how exciting it is to lose weight and get healthy.

It is.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stopping. But, let’s be clear, I am slightly freaking out at the moment.

Not only is it hard to work out what clothes to buy, but there are also other things happening which I’m finding tricky, such as …

– where the ‘f’ am I going? I’m getting smaller and it feels like I’m disappearing or becoming less visible/valid in the world
– why are people treating me differently? I’m still the same person, aren’t I?
– why don’t I want to hang out with that person anymore?


Getting used to the new me!

The biggest one is how to get used to a new/different physical me.

Suddenly I don’t recognise who I am anymore and it’s slightly freaky.

While for some these changes may be exciting and a source of great joy, for me it’s kinda daunting at the moment.

Isn’t losing weight meant to be about getting it together, everything in life falling into place, success on all levels?

Life gets easier …

People talk openly about change in terms of moving house, getting a new job, changing cities, loss of a loved one etc etc ….

And, that these experiences bring with them feelings of loss, denial, grief, fear, and the necessary identity reframing.

People talk openly about how hard these change experiences can be and the importance of giving yourself the time and space to adjust.

But what about when you lose weight?

What emotional rollercoaster should one anticipate with physical downsizing?

I guess this journey is different for everyone – for sure, I get that. And, maybe this is a first world problem and I just need to suck it up and get on with it. True. I get that too.

However, a silent struggle could be a derailment for a health and weight loss journey.


So, let’s start talking about navigating the tough stuff.

Let’s talk about the possibility that for some people at some point weight loss or a health journey might not be all sunshine and success.

For me, the key to successfully navigating the tough stuff has been getting the right support.

Thank god I found Ignite Fitness and Nutrition!

Their knowledge, experience and kindness support’s me in lots of ways.

I know I can turn up – no matter what I’m experiencing – tired, stressed or carrying an injury and they will adjust the session to suit where I’m at.

No matter what state I’m in, I’m always moving forward.

Regular 1-1 Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching keep me accountable.

By consistently turning up I’m building new habits and, with their advice, I’m able to reset and keep going.

Ignite Fitness and Nutrition is a true community.

Everyone is there for the right reasons and wants to support each other.

People are always encouraging me, happy to share their stories and ready to have a laugh.

The connection I get there has helped me realise I’m not alone and doing this alongside others is a huge part of it all.

I can’t do it alone.

I haven’t regretted a session yet.

I totally trust them to help me reach my goals, no matter how much I struggle with the tough stuff.

Do you have someone to support you?

To see how they can help you navigate your tough stuff give Ignite Fitness and Nutrition a call and book a free consultation.




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