And then it’s all but over!

Another year has passed in what seems like a blink of an eye! To commemorate this passing we throw a party!

And then the next day we say ‘this year’s going to be MY year’! I’ll do it different, be better, achieve more….. Now, theres’s nothing wrong in doing so.

If anything I’ll be as excited as the next man to charge into 2018 focused on new adventures, challenges and goals!

But I’m just same in many ways. I have to battle with myself at times, like I’m sure many of you do: “I’ll start tomorrow”, “Monday is my day to get started”, “A new week, month or even year is around the corner (terrible Friends memories!), it’s a fresh start (again)”. The reality is, there really is no perfect time to start. It’s in our make up to get comfortable, to covet routine and simplicity, which makes picking 1st January as the perfect foil to our avoidance of change.

If we focus on making a change then, we don’t have to do it right now. Really, if you’re focused on making a change, and have a plan, the 29th September is no different to the 1st January.

What dates are good for are memorable achievement.

Here are a few dates from the last year that stand out to me:

April 8th – 4th Anniversary of CrossFit Hutt Valley offically being open

July 10th – Three of our coaches passed their CrossFit Level 1 training course.

Sept 10th – Sophie started her attempt at the 330kms Tor Des Geants race.

Oct 31st – Our first Legends (50+) class kicked off.

There are many more than this that I don’t have dates for.

Coaches Eve and Megan taking on the Beauty Beyond Strength competition.

Tall Paul taking names at Rising Stars

Lesley hitting her first box jump

Debra finally stopping driving past the gym and falling in love with her fitness goals … and more Bright spots than we can ever count!

You’ll have dates that stand out to you, work achievements, kids sports results, special family times.

If there aren’t, if you can’t put your finger on 5 or more moments from the last year that you are happy about or proud of, why is that?

Consider this; could it be that you just haven’t written them down (now there’s an easy fix to work on), or maybe you really don’t have any “Bright Spots” from 2017, and I truly hope that is not true. But if it is, then it’s time to ask, “How do I create more memorable moments”.

Here’s a few ideas for next year:

Give – Most of us grew up hearing “it’s better to give than recieve”. Giving helps create memorable moments for others, and that way you both benefit.

Get learning – A new hobby, skill or even a new language! As you learn you’ll find yourself developing new skills and the desire to learn more.

Get out – NZ is full of easily accessible adventures, and adventures are always memorable.

Get excited – Being staunch is great, but can often mean we forget to enjoy ourselves. GET EXCITED ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Get focused on you – Focusing on what you are really good at will help you see your greatest growth potential. I could go on but you get the picture. Let’s resolve NOT to make the same resolutions over and over again. Let’s not wait for the right time to get started or to take action. Action ALWAYS trumps idea. Let’s take action on what feels right, what makes other happy and what will be better for the people around us.

Let’s take a moment to make a moment.





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