Meet Tor.

Tor is one of our founding members, having been with us from the very start. She’s a stalwart at ASB and loves nothing more than a cheeky half marathon to train for. We caught up with Tor to hear her My CFHV story.

What brought you to CrossFit Hutt Valley in the first place?

Twice a week I would participate in CrossFit style workouts at a college gym. I instantly became addicted to watching YouTube clips of CrossFit workouts and I wanted in! I saw an add on Facebook about a new CrossFit gym opening in Lower Hutt and I’ve been here since.

What was your first impression? How has that changed?

I thought you had to be young and fit to participate in CrossFit. That statement couldn’t be further from the truth. I have met so many people through CrossFit who are of all ages, shapes and sizes. You realise you are there with the same goal in mind, to get healthy and fitter and to be surrounded by people with the same mindset.

What was your first “eureka moment”?

When I first started CrossFit and I was still getting used to getting up so early for the AM class. I wanted to book out for a couple of reasons.

1. It was way too early and I would rather lie in.

2. I didn’t want to do the ridiculous WOD on the board.

3. It was going to hurt I completed the work out and felt so much better afterwards. I wasn’t tired anymore, the WOD was achievable after being broken down and it did hurt. But the sense of achievement outweighed the feeling of pain my body was feeling in that moment. I realised after all the negative thoughts and doubts, my reasons were excuses.

What are you working on now?

Everything! Back squats, strict pull ups and trying to make the rower my best-friend. There is always room for improvement and I love doing the work to get me there.

What’s your favorite CFHV memory?

There are so many! But one of my favourite memories is when our CrossFit gym (and many others) pulled together to support one of own who’s family was going through a couple of major health scares.

It shows how we all came together and did something amazing for a family who needed our support.

Which is what CrossFit is, a huge community of support.




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