We are a month into the new year, and many of you will be barrelling along on the way to knocking off some of your goals.

There will, however, be some of you who haven’t even started yet.

That’s cool. You’re not alone.

I was supposed to make this post into a super informative video on Jan 2nd (see our facebook page for more), but in all my wisdom, I put it off TIL now.


Because talking to a camera, then posting it to the worlds biggest social media site is a little scary.

Just like you getting started on your goals. It might be to complete Round the bays this year.

So you think, it’s not til x date February. I’ve got heaps of time.

So you don’t start running until the middle of Jan.

You strap on your shoes and head out for the distance you’ll be running around the bays.

An hour or so later and you’re gone, broken, and further away, it closer to, achieving your goal.

The good old boom and bust of fitness goals. We get a great idea, go crazy once and then jack it in cause it’s too hard.

So, if round the bays is your goal, and you don’t like running, here’s how to get started.

Don’t focus on distance, focus instead on time. Don’t run super fast, and aim to do more running than walking.

As your run to walk ration increases, you can increase the amount of time you’re pounding the path for Go out for 20mins, and get as much done as you can. Next time go out for 22mins, then 24mins and so on and so on.

Having a time domain instead of a distance target will help you ease your way into ever-increasing amounts of work Keep that up, twice maybe three times a week for the first two weeks then see how you’re progressing.

Keep adding and building and by x date February you’ll be flying.

Good luck!




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