The First Rule Of CrossFit

We all know that one friend who went to a CrossFit gym once. We know they’d been to a CrossFit because they subsequently never stopped talking about it. The rules of Fight Club clearly didn’t apply to their newfound love of all things fitness. They’d be telling about the cool new people they’d met, how intensity was key over resistance and that training for more than an hour at a time was just plain crazy (more to come on that subject soon).

The Typical CrossFitter

Punch “typical CrossFitter” into google and you’ll get about 256,000 results in just over .36 seconds. You’ll see titles ranging from ‘A beginners guide’ to ‘The extremes of’ CrossFit. You’ll see images and videos showing you CrossFit in all its glory, from the serious, to the paradoxical. There is, however, little that tells you anything about the typical CrossFitter, and this is not unusual, because in many ways there is no such thing as the ‘Typical CrossFitter’.  Every person who has walked through our doors over the last 5 years has been different, unique in their expectations and requirements. In the beginning, it was those who had heard the whispers about a crazy new workout that Seals and Base Jumpers were doing. After CrossFit became a little more established, the allure of ‘Fran, or Murph’ began to draw attention. The CrossFit Games began to broadcast these kinds of workouts across the internet. Now, we find a more educated audience. One who realises the fad that became a trend, that revolutionised the fitness landscape, has become a legitimate method of achieving their health and fitness goals. An audience that realises the infinite scalability of CrossFit means it is achievable by all.


The story of Angi Sanders popped up in my news feed today, and it reminded me of the uniqueness of each person we work with. Here’s a woman that would not fit most peoples vision of a ‘Typical CrossFitter’, and yet she has experienced life changing effects as a result of her desire to change, to improve. This is where you can find similarities in the people who walk through our doors. A desire to change/be better/be fitter/be a better role model to their friends, family or children, is their catalyst.  We have the privilege of working with many different people, from many walks of life, from boxers to young parents through to senior and retirees, with many different hopes and expectations. That not one of them fits a ‘Typical’ mold is the reason why we love them, and love what we do.


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