What are our most underrated fitness tips?

It seems everybody has a tip or two for you when it comes to fitness.

Supersets are all you need to do

Fasted cardio is key to success

Women shouldn’t lift weights

The treadmill is all you need

For some, this is great advice. But for others, not so much.

The old saying goes something like, “If it sounds too good to be true….”


The first of our underrated tips is something that doesn’t come easily. I know, I can tell you of countless times I’ve started a new exercise or fitness routine and expected immediate results. Unfortunately, like all things worth having, success takes time, and time means patience.


The bedfellow of patience, consistency takes your patient dedication and supercharges it.
Consistent effort sees consistent rewards.

Want to lose some body fat, consistently consume an intake 300-500 calories less than your daily caloric requirement.

Want to have more energy to play with your kids/grandkids, consistently take 45-60 minutes varied strength and conditioning three times a week.

Those are our two most underrated fitness tips, what are yours?



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