I told this story some months ago, and received a tremendous amount of feedback, both from current and past members. As the health and fitness environment becomes ever more complex, when there is advice flying at us from every angle and social media platform, it’s nice to be able to simplify things with a simple blog post.  So here’s a little about us…..

From the day we opened back in late 2012 there has been one, overriding, question we’ve been, and continue to be asked; “What makes your gym better than X’s gym?”

Our answer is a simple one: We are only better for the people who need or want what we provide.

It’s with this in mind that all new clients start their relationship with us via our complimentary No Sweat Intro: a free 30 – 45 minute chat to talk about YOU.

We want to hear about YOU, about what YOU want, and how we can HELP.

Many years ago, an old boss of mine showed me how he conducted his meetings with potential new clients.

He took a blank piece of paper, and asked questions, endeavouring to discover why the person was sitting in front of him.

There was little in the way of discussion about their previous or existing provider, no grandstanding about how his service was so much better than their existing provider, or why they should immediately switch to his business.

All he wanted to do was find out as much as he could about them, and their wants.

From there, if he could help, he would tailor a response and present it for discussion with the client.

We are proud to follow the same approach.

As the owner of this gym, I concentrate on that which WE can control: US!

That’s it.

I have little idea what other gyms or businesses do.

And I have little idea if YOU will be the right fit for what WE do.

What I can tell you is that if what we do now works for you, what we’ll be doing in the future will work for you even better.

Since we opened our doors to the public, we have steadily evolved every year, every six months, every week and every day.

We are directly focused on our continuous improvement. Our clients, even those who have been with us since we opened, continue to progress, be challenged and most importantly, stay happy.

October saw forty plus new achievements (that’s right 40 new PR’s!)

Many who that have left us to “take a break” and “do something else” come back.

People that move away, miss what they did with us.

People that visit us, keep coming back year after year and consistently tell us that this is one of the friendliest gym’s they have ever visited.

When we ask why, we hear the same three things, not always in this order, but nearly always together in some form – “the coaching” “the programming” and “the community”.

To us, this makes perfect sense. There is very rarely an “I” at CFHV. Rather, WE are the product of US, our staff, and all those who add to the experience our members enjoy.

We work hard to be the best we can be. Our coaches are not only experienced; they have to pass our in-house Coach Development Program in order to stand in front of our members.

We are NEVER the complete coach/es and are always focused on continual development.

We are ALWAYS learning. Our infinitely adjustable group class program is born in-house, ever-evolving to serve our members requirements and our focus on providing a safe, fun, inclusive training environment.

We do, however, know that we are not for everybody.

If you don’t like our style of working out, then you wouldn’t like working out here.

We don’t focus on being ultra-competitive; rather we are ultra-supportive of each other.

Our members don’t shout about their scores to showboat, rather they share them to inspire each other to achieve.

Our methods are prescriptive in everything we do so all can achieve success according to their individual goals.

Ours is a long-term plan, not a quick fix.

Our focus is on the three F’s, Fun, Fitness and Friends, within a safe and supportive environment.

Why are we better?

We have no idea if we are better for you.

Why are we really good at what we do?

Because we compete with ourselves not others.

If you’d like to see if we are for YOU, click here to Get Started. Cheers Paul




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